Absolute Location, part II


I thought I might write an update on the status of my book.

I’ve just completed Chapter 5 (of probably 10).

And by ‘completed’ I mean, I’ve written drafts of 5 chapters. And while I’ve rewritten them over 6 or 7 times each, I will now embark on editing them until they shine. Unless I discover they are all poo that cannot be shined.

But so far, the action takes place in Spain, Adelaide, Louisiana, Poland and the Baltics, and the West Country of the UK.

It’s an unconventional travel book, in that I over-think my way through these places: mature, and fall apart, and skip back and forth through time and place according to the feels and thoughts relating to the main theme of the chapter. I’m rather unlikeable a lot of the time, but hopefully I’m not unreadable.

Anyway… that’s that. After the polishing I will start doing the grown-up, scary thing of approaching real-life helpful types to get the manuscript published.

So book. Such afraid.

Thanks for reading!


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