Absolute Location

An update.

I have recently started writing a book. I’m writing this here so that I’m held accountable for this declaration.

I finished the sixth draft of the first chapter and on the weekend had an editor friend read over it. She gave me so much insight and feedback to work with, that I feel confident I can shape something that I can be damn proud of.

Other things I’ve been thinking about:

1. how important is it to have a social media following before having publishers interested in your work? How do I reconcile the fact that my writing is very personal, but my social media presence is quite aloof (although extensive, across several platforms)?

2. I’ve only been able to start this book project in the last month, when I’m feeling very confident that I can do it. It’s coming out of me with blissful purpose – like when you find cadence on a bike or when you find a rhythm on a run. Confidence is key, though. My mind is full of enough doubts to know that I’m on to something.

3. I’m present. I’m here – in Sydney – with nothing to worry about except turning up to work, doing a good job, and filling in my time with writing and exercise. I have to occasionally remind myself I also need a social life, but I guess it’s lucky that I have only a handful of close friends here and not a constant catch up list. It’s the most present I’ve ever felt. I have no great ache to travel (though if I had to I wouldn’t complain), or to meet lots of new people, or to change myself.

By the end of the year, I will have been published in issue 2 of Hello Mr., had another article in The Big Issue, and probably more reviews on Club Fonograma. But my focus for the next few months will be on the book.

Just thought I’d share.

Thanks for reading 🙂


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