Elsewhere, part II


It’s the middle of Summer now, my birthday’s coming up, and I’m teaching quite a bit – getting back into the swing of a work life, which is unbelievably good for the psyche. Who’da thunkit?

I just wanted to update y’all on a couple of other publications outside of my blog.

This time, they’re in actual, real-life magazines! Tres excite.

First, I have a thought piece in The Lifted Brow called ‘An Uncomfortable Tension’. It’s about racism. I attempt to pull up the PC Police, and shed light on my white guilt. It’s an absolute honour to be published in this bi-monthly lit journal, rubbing shoulders with the likes of Benjamin Law, Alice Pung, Christos Tsiolkas, David Foster Wallace and Neil Gaiman (not all in the one edition, unfortunately). You can order your copy online now! Sam Cooney, as the new editor, was a delight to work with.

As was Ryan Fitzgibbon, editor of Hello Mr. magazine, a new publication “for men who date men”. I adapted my Pretty/Funny post and made it a very streamlined account of my body image issues/’journey’. You can purchase this first edition sometime in March: keep an eye out!

Thanks again to you for reading. Seeya again – quite soon!


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