Elsewhere, part I

So I don’t usually blog – in the sense that I just ramble about ‘what’s up, y’all’ – but I thought I might write an update here because I’ve started to get published elsewhere on the intrawubs.

I’m trying – kinda slowly at this point due to work commitments and getting my brain around the process – to be a freelance writer of sorts, building my profile, practicing the ‘craft’ (using ouija boards, candles, and entrails), and moving in the direction of a career that – I think – would suit me best.

I wrote a small piece for the Emerging Writers Festival blog about it, though I haven’t exactly been practicing what I preached. You can read it here.

I also tried my hand at a ‘Review of the Year’ type piece for new blog, We Matter Media, on the ‘Things You May Have Missed in 2012’ – utilising what I collate on my Tumblr and Twitter accounts throughout the year. You can read that one here.

But my favourite, warm fuzzy happening from this year has been the invitation to be a writer for Club Fonograma – a music blog dedicated to promoting “alternative” Latino music acts from around the world. It’s based in the US, though many contributors come from Mexico, Canada, and other American countries, too. I am truly honoured, especially because I’m an interloper of sorts, being non-Latino and from Australia. However, I’m passionate about the site, what they do, and the music and art it promotes. You can read it here: you’ll see my name attached to several posts.

So that’s what I’ve been up to lately, elsewhere. Thanks for continuing to read what I write – it makes my heart large.


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