The Trip So Far (& a bit more)

I thought it would be interesting to some of you to see exactly where I’ve gone. Some of the details aren’t accurate because Google Maps doesn’t allow you to “draw a line along train lines” but it’s more or less where I’ve been. Click around (to see it all, you have to click on “View Larger Map”) and explore. I wish I had better interwebz knowledge so I could show you with a better map – if there’s anyone who could help me, let me know…


2 thoughts on “The Trip So Far (& a bit more)

  1. Hey, wait a minute! You said you were in New York. But your map ends in England. Soooo not the New York in America? I am confused.

    • Shari, click on View Larger Map and on the side (what I guess you call the ‘legend’ – what describes all the pins and lines) you have to click to page 2 of the map to see the rest of the journey… I want to find another program to have simpler, less messy maps to have on each page. Hope that works for you!

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